Extra (Element 4) Amateur Radio Examination

Serial No: 58706

1. [E7A07] What logical operation does an AND gate perform?
     A. It produces a logic "0" at its output only if all inputs are logic "1"
     B. It produces a logic "1" at its output only if all inputs are logic "1"
     C. It produces a logic "1" at its output if only one input is a logic "1"
     D. It produces a logic "1" at its output if all inputs are logic "0"

2. [E7B11] In Figure E7-1, what is the purpose of R3?
     A. Fixed bias
     B. Emitter bypass
     C. Output load resistor
     D. Self bias

3. [E7C05] How does a network transform one impedance to another?
     A. It introduces negative resistance to cancel the resistive part of an impedance
     B. It introduces transconductance to cancel the reactive part of an impedance
     C. It cancels the reactive part of an impedance and changes the resistive part
     D. Network resistances substitute for load resistances

4. [E7D12] What type of linear voltage regulator is used in applications requiring a constant load on the unregulated voltage source?
     A. A constant current source
     B. A series regulator
     C. A shunt current source
     D. A shunt regulator

5. [E7E01] How is an F3E FM-phone emission produced?
     A. With a balanced modulator on the audio amplifier
     B. With a reactance modulator on the oscillator
     C. With a reactance modulator on the final amplifier
     D. With a balanced modulator on the oscillator

6. [E7F05] If a 1-MHz oscillator is used with a divide-by-ten circuit to make a marker generator, what will the output be?
     A. A 1-MHz sinusoidal signal with harmonics every 100 kHz
     B. A 100-kHz signal with harmonics every 100 kHz
     C. A 1-MHz square wave with harmonics every 1 MHz
     D. A 100-kHz signal modulated by a 10-kHz signal

7. [E7G05] How can unwanted ringing and audio instability be prevented in a multisection op-amp RC audio filter circuit?
     A. Restrict both gain and Q
     B. Restrict gain, but increase Q
     C. Restrict Q, but increase gain
     D. Increase both gain and Q

8. [E6A17] What are the three terminals of a field-effect transistor?
     A. Gate 1, gate 2, drain
     B. Emitter, base, collector
     C. Emitter, base 1, base 2
     D. Gate, drain, source

9. [E6B05] In Figure E6-3, what is the schematic symbol for a varactor diode?
     A. 8
     B. 6
     C. 2
     D. 1

10. [E6C08] In Figure E6-5, what is the schematic symbol for a NAND gate?
     A. 1
     B. 2
     C. 3
     D. 4

11. [E6D18] What is one important reason for using ferrite toroids rather than powdered-iron toroids in an inductor?
     A. Ferrite toroids generally have lower initial permeabilities
     B. Ferrite toroids generally have better temperature stability
     C. Ferrite toroids generally require fewer turns to produce a given inductance value
     D. Ferrite toroids are easier to use with surface mount technology

12. [E6E03] What is a crystal lattice filter?
     A. A power supply filter made with interlaced quartz crystals
     B. An audio filter made with four quartz crystals that resonate at 1-kHz intervals
     C. A filter with wide bandwidth and shallow skirts made using quartz crystals
     D. A filter with narrow bandwidth and steep skirts made using quartz crystals

13. [E1A04] What exclusive frequency privileges in the 20-meter band are authorized to Amateur Extra Class control operators?
     A. 14.100-14.175 MHz and 14.150-14.175 MHz
     B. 14.000-14.125 MHz and 14.250-14.300 MHz
     C. 14.025-14.050 MHz and 14.100-14.150 MHz
     D. 14.000-14.025 MHz and 14.150-14.175 MHz

14. [E1B10] What is meant by a remotely controlled station?
     A. A station operated away from its regular home location
     B. Control of a station from a point located other than at the station transmitter
     C. A station operating under automatic control
     D. A station controlled indirectly through a control link

15. [E1C10] Which of the following operating arrangements allow an FCC licensed US citizen to operate in many European countries and alien amateurs from many European countries to operate in the US?
     A. CEPT agreement
     B. IARP agreement
     C. ITU agreement
     D. All of these choices are correct

16. [E1D05] What frequencies are authorized normally to an amateur station participating in RACES?
     A. All amateur service frequencies otherwise authorized to the control operator
     B. Specific segments in the amateur service MF, HF, VHF and UHF bands
     C. Specific local government channels
     D. Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) channels

17. [E1E10] Which VHF amateur service bands have frequencies available for space stations?
     A. 2 meters
     B. 2 meters and 1.25 meters
     C. 6 meters, 2 meters, and 1.25 meters
     D. 6 meters and 2 meters

18. [E1F11] Which persons seeking to be VEs cannot be accredited?
     A. Persons holding less than an Advanced Class operator license
     B. Persons less than 21 years of age
     C. Persons who have ever had an amateur operator or amateur station license suspended or revoked
     D. Persons who are employees of the federal government

19. [E1G12] FCC-licensed amateur stations may use spread spectrum (SS) emissions to communicate under which of the following conditions?
     A. When the other station is in an area regulated by the FCC
     B. When the other station is in a country permitting SS communications
     C. When the transmission is not used to obscure the meaning of any communication
     D. All of these choices are correct

20. [E8A16] What is the approximate DC input power to a Class B RF power amplifier stage in an FM-phone transmitter when the PEP output power is 1500 watts?
     A. 900 watts
     B. 1765 watts
     C. 2500 watts
     D. 4500 watts

21. [E8B09]

22. [E8C04] What digital communications system is well suited for meteor-scatter Communications at times other than during meteor showers?
     A. ACSSB
     B. Computerized high speed CW (HSCW)
     C. AMTOR
     D. Spread spectrum

23. [E8D10] What is meant by circularly polarized electromagnetic waves?
     A. Waves with an electric field bent into a circular shape
     B. Waves with a rotating electric field
     C. Waves that circle the Earth
     D. Waves produced by a loop antenna

24. [E2A10] Why may the received signal from an amateur satellite exhibit a fairly rapid pulsed fading effect?
     A. Because the satellite is rotating
     B. Because of ionospheric absorption
     C. Because of the satellite's low orbital altitude
     D. Because of the Doppler effect

25. [E2B04] What is blanking in a video signal?
     A. Synchronization of the horizontal and vertical sync pulses
     B. Turning off the scanning beam while it is traveling from right to left and from bottom to top
     C. Turning off the scanning beam at the conclusion of a transmission
     D. Transmitting a black and white test pattern

26. [E2C03] Which of the following is typical of operations during an international amateur DX contest?
     A. Calling CQ is always done on an odd minute and listening is always done on an even minute
     B. Contacting a DX station is best accomplished when the WWV K index is above a reading of 8
     C. Some DX operators use split frequency operations (transmitting on a frequency different from the receiving frequency)
     D. DX contacts during the day are never possible because of known band attenuation from the sun

27. [E2D04] What is the purpose of a digital store and forward on an Amateur satellite?
     A. To stockpile packet TNCs and other digital hardware to be distributed to RACES operators in the event of an emergency
     B. To relay messages across the country via a network of HF digital stations
     C. To store messages in an amateur satellite for later download by other stations
     D. To store messages in a packet digipeater for relay via the Internet

28. [E2E11] What is the Baudot code?
     A. A code used to transmit data only in modern computer-based data systems using seven data bits
     B. A binary code consisting of eight data bits
     C. An alternate name for Morse code
     D. The International Telegraph Alphabet Number 2 (ITA2) which uses five data bits

29. [E9A13] How can the approximate beamwidth of a beam antenna be determined?
     A. Note the two points where the signal strength of the antenna is down 3 dB from the maximum signal point and compute the angular difference
     B. Measure the ratio of the signal strengths of the radiated power lobes from the front and rear of the antenna
     C. Draw two imaginary lines through the ends of the elements and measure the angle between the lines
     D. Measure the ratio of the signal strengths of the radiated power lobes from the front and side of the antenna

30. [E9B02] In the free-space H-Field radiation pattern shown in Figure E9-1, what is the 3- dB beamwidth?
     A. 75 degrees
     B. 50 degrees
     C. 25 degrees
     D. 30 degrees

31. [E9C08] What are the advantages of a terminated rhombic antenna?
     A. Wide frequency range, high gain and high front-to-back ratio
     B. High front-to-back ratio, compact size and high gain
     C. Unidirectional radiation pattern, high gain and compact size
     D. Bidirectional radiation pattern, high gain and wide frequency range

32. [E9D11] How must the driven element in a 3-element Yagi be tuned to use a hairpin matching system?
     A. The driven element reactance is capacitive
     B. The driven element reactance is inductive
     C. The driven element resonance is lower than the operating frequency
     D. The driven element radiation resistance is higher than the characteristic impedance of the transmission line

33. [E9E19] What kind of impedance does a 1/4-wavelength transmission line present to a generator when the line is open at the far end?
     A. A very high impedance
     B. A very low impedance
     C. The same as the characteristic impedance of the line
     D. The same as the input impedance to the final generator stage

34. [E5A22] What is the resonant frequency of a series RLC circuit if R is 47 ohms, L is 3 microhenrys and C is 40 picofarads?
     A. 13.1 MHz
     B. 14.5 MHz
     C. 14.5 kHz
     D. 13.1 kHz

35. [E5B11] How long does it take for an initial charge of 800 V DC to decrease to 294 V DC in a 450-microfarad capacitor when a 1-megohm resistor is connected across it?
     A. 0.02 seconds
     B. 0.08 seconds
     C. 450 seconds
     D. 1350 seconds

36. [E5C06] On the Smith chart shown in Figure E5-1, what is the name for the large outer circle bounding the coordinate portion of the chart?
     A. Prime axis
     B. Reactance axis
     C. Impedance axis
     D. Polar axis

37. [E5D10] What is the phase angle between the voltage across and the current through a series RLC circuit if XC is 75 ohms, R is 100 ohms, and XL is 50 ohms?
     A. 76 degrees with the voltage lagging the current
     B. 14 degrees with the voltage leading the current
     C. 14 degrees with the voltage lagging the current
     D. 76 degrees with the voltage leading the current

38. [E5E17] In polar coordinates, what is the impedance of a circuit that has an admittance of 7.09 millisiemens at 45 degrees?
     A. 5.03 x 10(-5) ohms, /__45_degrees__
     B. 141 ohms, /__-45_degrees__
     C. 19,900 ohms, /__-45_degrees__
     D. 141 ohms, /__45_degrees__

39. [E5F09] In what direction is the magnetic field oriented about a conductor in relation to the direction of electron flow?
     A. In the same direction as the current
     B. In a direction opposite to the current
     C. In all directions; omnidirectional
     D. In a direction determined by the left-hand rule

40. [E5G14] What is the Q of a parallel RLC circuit if the resonant frequency is 14.225 MHz, L is 3.5 microhenrys and R is 10 kilohms?
     A. 7.35
     B. 0.0319
     C. 71.5
     D. 31.9

41. [E5H05] What is the effective radiated power of a station with 100 watts transmitter power output, 1-dB feed line loss and 6-dBd antenna gain?
     A. 350 watts
     B. 500 watts
     C. 20 watts
     D. 316 watts

42. [E5I12] What characteristic of optoisolators is often used in power supplies?
     A. They have low impedance between the light source and the phototransistor
     B. They have very high impedance between the light source and the phototransistor
     C. They have low impedance between the light source and the LED
     D. They have very high impedance between the light source and the LED

43. [E4A07] What is an advantage of using a spectrum analyzer to observe the output from a VHF transmitter?
     A. There are no advantages; an inexpensive oscilloscope can display the same information
     B. It displays all frequency components of the transmitted signal
     C. It displays a time-varying representation of the modulation envelope
     D. It costs much less than any other instrumentation useful for such measurements

44. [E4B05] If a frequency counter with a specified accuracy of +/- 0.1 ppm reads 146,520,000 Hz, what is the most the actual frequency being measured could differ from the reading?
     A. 14.652 Hz
     B. 0.1 MHz
     C. 1.4652 Hz
     D. 1.4652 kHz

45. [E4C14] If a receiver tuned to 146.70 MHz receives an intermodulation-product signal whenever a nearby transmitter transmits on 146.52 MHz, what are the two most likely frequencies for the other interfering signal?
     A. 146.34 MHz and 146.61 MHz
     B. 146.88 MHz and 146.34 MHz
     C. 146.10 MHz and 147.30 MHz
     D. 73.35 MHz and 239.40 MHz

46. [E4D05] How can conducted and radiated noise caused by an automobile alternator be suppressed?
     A. By installing filter capacitors in series with the DC power lead and by installing a blocking capacitor in the field lead
     B. By connecting the radio to the battery by the longest possible path and installing a blocking capacitor in both leads
     C. By installing a high-pass filter in series with the radio's power lead and a low-pass filter in parallel with the field lead
     D. By connecting the radio's power leads directly to the battery and by installing coaxial capacitors in the alternator leads

47. [E4E07] What is a loop antenna?
     A. A large circularly-polarized antenna
     B. A small coil of wire tightly wound around a toroidal ferrite core
     C. Several turns of wire wound in the shape of a large open coil
     D. Any antenna coupled to a feed line through an inductive loop of wire

48. [E3A07] What frequency range would you normally tune to find EME stations in the 2-meter band?
     A. 144.000 - 144.001 MHz
     B. 144.000 - 144.100 MHz
     C. 144.100 - 144.300 MHz
     D. 145.000 - 145.100 MHz

49. [E3B07] What is the typical reason for hearing an echo on the received signal of a station in Europe while directing your HF antenna toward the station?
     A. The station's transmitter has poor frequency stability
     B. The station's transmitter is producing spurious emissions
     C. Auroral conditions are causing a direct and a long-path reflected signal to be received
     D. There are two signals being received, one from the most direct path and one from long-path propagation

50. [E3C04] Which emission mode is best for auroral propagation?
     A. CW
     B. SSB
     C. FM
     D. RTTY